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Some quick helpful tips from on choosing the right shoes to wear for your workouts.

Go with running shoes if you mostly jog or walk, since they’re engineered for heel-to-toe motion. Why not walking shoes? “Running sneakers cater to a wider range of foot types and are built to last longer,” says Megan Leahy, a doctor of podiatric medicine at the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute, in Chicago.

Go with cross-trainers if your routine includes an activity like aerobics, weight training, or kickboxing (basically any exercise on a hard surface that involves side-to-side movement).

“Runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis, and early-onset arthritis are just a few problems that arise from exercising in the wrong sneakers,” says Louis Pack, a podiatrist in Greensboro, Georgia, and the author of The Arthritis Revolution.  In contrast, shoes designed to compensate for the impact of your feet can prevent injuries and improve structural alignment and performance.

To determine your foot type: Have a podiatrist examine you, or get an idea yourself by looking at the soles of a pair of worn-in flats. “The wear patterns show where you’re putting pressure when you walk,” says Pack.

1. Top Outer Edge Worn

You’re a supinator (or underpronator). Supinators’ feet tend to have high arches and roll outward.
You need: Cushioning (also referred to, confusingly, as neutral ) sneakers for shock absorption.

2. Evenly Worn

You’re neutral and have an average gait with equal weight distribution across the foot.
You need: Stability or moderate-stability sneakers, which offer a balance of cushioning and support.

3. Top Inner Edge Worn

You’re a pronator, which means your feet roll inward. Flat arches or low arches are common.
You need: Motion-control or high-stability sneakers to keep your feet better aligned with your legs.

How Can You Tell If You Need New Sneakers?

Keep an eye on the shoe’s midsole—the cushiony layer between the treads and the mesh upper, says the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute’s Megan Leahy. When you notice deep-set wrinkles there (like a squashed marshmallow), it’s time to say good-bye.

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