Sunday, August 9, 2015

Coach T's Body Beast Challenge group...

Are you ready for Beast mode?

As you may know, I love Body Beast... and have lost over 14 lbs and 6% body fat by following the program!

There are two programs to follow within Body Beast... "Lean Beast" and "Huge Beast"... you choose which is best for you.

Male or female, if you want to add lean muscle mass to your frame... join my group, and I along with the other 'Beasties' that participate will keep you motivated and accountable... plus, you'll have me as your coach for 90 days! :-)

Go here for more info...

Fitness + Nutrition + Support + Reward = Success!

Contact me with questions regarding cost, etc.

In this together!

Coach T

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Do Not Hold your Breath...

... unless you're under water!!!

Hey guys!

I haven't posted in a while, but I wanted to take a brief moment to give you this tip...

If I got paid every time I tell my clients to not hold their breath while exercising i'd be a millionaire!

Unfortunately, most folks, at least that I've witnessed, will hold their breath while straining to lift weight.  It's called the Valsalva Maneuver... you may have heard of it.

Folks do this for a variety of reasons, including as a way to keep their abs engaged, but it's much safer to engage your abs during the lift while still breathing in and out.  i.e... Exhale as you exert energy lifting the weight, and Inhale as you lower the weight or finish the movement.  Counting your reps out loud is a nice little trick to use... as long as you're not waking the "neighbors"!  :-)

The risk... potentially increasing your blood pressure which can cause dizziness, fainting, decreased blood flow to the heart, and even stroke.

Bottom line... just keep breathing!!!

Coach T

Friday, May 8, 2015

How Much Weight Should I Be Lifting?

I get asked this question all the time.

As long as you're being safe, and your form is fantastic, the answer is pretty simple and makes common sense.

Here goes...

For weighted exercises... choose a challenging weight that allows you to reach the lower end of the 'set range', with good form... and is challenging for you to reach the higher end of the 'set range'... if you can reach it at all! 

For example... using 8-12 reps as our set... you want a weight that you can do at least 8 quality reps with.  So, if you cannot do at least 8 quality reps, the weight is too heavy.  

And, if you can do more than 12, with good form, the weight is too light!! ... next time, add 5 or 10 lbs.

Time to sweat!

Coach T

Thursday, April 30, 2015

To Grill Or Not To Grill...

It may not be a question... depending on what's important to you!

As you know from my previous post, i'm a Livestrong at the YMCA instructor... helping other cancer survivors add life to their years, as I say!

We recently had a Nutritionist in to give a presentation to our group... thank you Maribeth Abrams!  We learned a lot regarding the benefits of non-Inflammatory foods vs. Inflammatory foods, Alkaline foods vs. Acidic foods, etc.

A lot of information to soak in... but one of the things that stood out to me, especially since we're at a time when a lot of us BBQ often, is the affect cooking meat at high temperatures has and it's increased risk to our bodies!

Review the excerpts below, and decide for yourself.


Not only is meat devoid of fiber and other nutrients that have a protective effect, but it also contains animal protein, saturated fat, and, in some case, carcinogenic compounds formed during the process of cooking meat.  These carcinogenic compounds may be to blame for part of the correlation between meat intake and increased cancer risk.  
(De Stefani E, Ronco A, Mendilaharsu M, Guidobono M, Deneo-Pellegrini H. Meat intake, heterocyclic amines, and risk of breast cancer: a case-control study in Uruguay. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 1997;6(8):573-581.)

Chemicals in Meat Cooked at High Temperatures and Cancer Risk

Key Points...

- Heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are chemicals formed when muscle meat, including beef, pork, fish, and poultry, is cooked using high-temperature methods, such as pan frying or grilling directly over an open flame.

- The formation of HCAs and PAHs is influenced by the type of meat, the cooking time, the cooking temperature, and the cooking method.

- Exposure to high levels of HCAs and PAHs can cause cancer in animals; however, whether such exposure causes cancer in humans is unclear.

- Currently, no Federal guidelines address consumption levels of HCAs and PAHs formed in meat.

- HCA and PAH formation can be reduced by avoiding direct exposure of meat to an open flame or a hot metal surface, reducing the cooking time, and using a microwave oven to partially cook meat before exposing it to high temperatures.

- Ongoing studies are investigating the associations between meat intake, meat cooking methods, and cancer risk.

For more information, go to... cooked-meats-fact-sheet

In this together!

Coach T

Friday, April 24, 2015


Hey Team,

Some quick helpful tips from on choosing the right shoes to wear for your workouts.

Go with running shoes if you mostly jog or walk, since they’re engineered for heel-to-toe motion. Why not walking shoes? “Running sneakers cater to a wider range of foot types and are built to last longer,” says Megan Leahy, a doctor of podiatric medicine at the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute, in Chicago.

Go with cross-trainers if your routine includes an activity like aerobics, weight training, or kickboxing (basically any exercise on a hard surface that involves side-to-side movement).

“Runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis, and early-onset arthritis are just a few problems that arise from exercising in the wrong sneakers,” says Louis Pack, a podiatrist in Greensboro, Georgia, and the author of The Arthritis Revolution.  In contrast, shoes designed to compensate for the impact of your feet can prevent injuries and improve structural alignment and performance.

To determine your foot type: Have a podiatrist examine you, or get an idea yourself by looking at the soles of a pair of worn-in flats. “The wear patterns show where you’re putting pressure when you walk,” says Pack.

1. Top Outer Edge Worn

You’re a supinator (or underpronator). Supinators’ feet tend to have high arches and roll outward.
You need: Cushioning (also referred to, confusingly, as neutral ) sneakers for shock absorption.

2. Evenly Worn

You’re neutral and have an average gait with equal weight distribution across the foot.
You need: Stability or moderate-stability sneakers, which offer a balance of cushioning and support.

3. Top Inner Edge Worn

You’re a pronator, which means your feet roll inward. Flat arches or low arches are common.
You need: Motion-control or high-stability sneakers to keep your feet better aligned with your legs.

How Can You Tell If You Need New Sneakers?

Keep an eye on the shoe’s midsole—the cushiony layer between the treads and the mesh upper, says the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute’s Megan Leahy. When you notice deep-set wrinkles there (like a squashed marshmallow), it’s time to say good-bye.

In this together!

Coach T

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Resistance Bands and Tubing

Gotta love options... do you use these in your workouts?

I had an awesome Personal Training session today with a client of mine who is rehabbing a knee injury.

She can't do certain exercises because of the pressure that's put on her knee... so these are the time when I come to appreciate tools like Resistance Bands and Tubing to help build strength!

Although we can't do things like squats and lunges yet, we can do most, if not all, of the movements done with machines like the leg press, leg extension and leg curl with bands and tubing!  :-)

My client is psyched, and so am I, that she can do these things to increase her lower body strength... and do them safely!

We all get so caught up in lifting dumbbells, barbells, or hopping on a machine, that we forget about all of the other options available that aren't as 'sexy' to use.

Contact me if you have a question about a certain exercise, or want me to address something of interest to you that will help you achieve your goals.

In this together!

Coach T

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Are you struggling with Weight Loss or gaining Lean Muscle Mass?

Join one of my Fitness Challenge Groups!

You choose...


Fitness... Anytime... Anywhere... on your mobile device!

Access your favorite Beachbody fitness program with Beachbody On Demand... where you can stream hundreds of workouts in the Beachbody Member Library.

Including... Insanity, P90X3, TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift, Tai Cheng... to name a few!  We have a program for any level of fitness!

This means you'll never miss a workout, because you can take them with you, and work out anywhere you have an Internet connection: at home, at the gym, even outdoors.

You choose your program... We will keep you motivated and accountable... plus, you'll have me as your coach for 30 - 90 days depending on your choice of fitness program!


Are you ready for Beast mode?

As some of you know, I love Body Beast... and have lost close to 14 lbs and 6% body fat by following the program the past 90 days!

There are two programs to follow within Body Beast... "Lean Beast", which I just completed, and "Huge Beast", which I will start with this group.

Male or female, if you want to add lean muscle mass to your frame... join my group and I, along with the other Beast that participate, will keep you motivated and accountable... plus, you'll have me as your coach for 90 days!


Fitness + Nutrition + Support + Reward = Success!

Message me with questions... and I will also give you the Challenge Pack cost info, etc.

In this together!

Coach T

p.s. Invite your friends!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hydrate, Hydrate Hydrate!

Hey Team!

As I always say... hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

It doesn't matter what your activity level is... you will definitely appreciate the benefits!

A quick formula to determine how much water is recommended to drink is... half your body weight, in ounces of water, every day. So, if you weigh 180 pounds, divide that by 2. Your magic number would be 90. That’s 90 ounces of water every day, a little more than 2.5 liters.

It's said that it takes 21 days to develop a habit... well, do this for at least 21 days, then report back to me.

I've created a tracking chart to make it a little more fun and to help keep you accountable.  Message me for a copy.

In this together!

Coach T

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fitness tip of the week - "Ladder" workouts

No... not the Agility Ladder that you use... but a great way to improve your Strength and Endurance! ... especially if you're short on time, space or equipment.

This type of "ladder" workout is great for strength-building moves whether it be body-weight exercises, free weights or machines.

You can make a workout into a ladder by increasing/decreasing the number of Reps per set, Time per set, Distance per set or the amount of Weight per set.  You'll be surprised at what you can achieve!!

Here's an example of a workout that we've been doing lately...

30 'Sandbag' Clean & Press
30 Weighted Squats
30 Chest Press
30 Reverse Flys
2 minutes of Cardio
30 Crunches
1-2 minute Recovery
(Repeat for 25, 20, 15, 10 then 5 reps.)

Another example would be to start at 5 reps, work your way up the ladder to XX reps... then back down to 5.

Get creative team!  If you only want to do 2 movements, do something like this...

10 Tricep Dips, recover 30-60 seconds, 2 Pull-ups
8 Dips, recover, 4 Pull-ups
6 Dips, recover, 6 Pull-ups
4 Dips, recover, 8 Pull-ups
2 Dips, recover, 10 Pull-ups.

The sky's the limit guys... you can always DO SOMETHING!

Contact me with other health and fitness questions that you want me to address.

In this together!

Coach T

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Livestrong At The YMCA

Had an awesome session with my Livestrong group of cancer survivors today!

These are some of the most amazing people that I have had the privilege of coaching, and helping add life to their years!

If you're interested in more information on this FREE program, simply contact me... or you can also visit this website...

Fyi... a 'cancer survivor' is anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, is currently being treated, is recovering, or any point beyond!!!

In this together!

Coach T